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Arko Furniture Installation

Arko Furniture. Design That Works.

‘Design that works’ is the Arko Furniture philosophy, built on our belief that the beauty of any product lies in its functionality. When a product is well designed for its intended purpose, it will possess a natural and inherent beauty as a result.

Made to be used, Arko products will stand up to the elements. Australia is famous for its casual outdoor lifestyle and at Arko we embrace this characteristic with careful consideration for the changing nature of modern spaces. 

Our furniture is widely utilised in corporate settings such as break out rooms, offices and hospitality spaces, creating natural and contemporary environments fostering creativity and valuable time away from the desk for meetings and communication.

The Arko Story.

Arko Furniture was launched in 2007 by designer Kain Lucas.

Based in Melbourne Australia, Arko has grown to celebrate the core values of function, utility and simplicity of design.

Over the years we have supplied our products to some of the world’s finest architecture and design companies on projects big and small. We have established a network of manufacturers from around Australia capable of producing large-scale runs of high quality products in a wide range of materials.

At Arko Furniture, we take the business of design very seriously and all of our products are protected by IP law that ensures you are buying a unique and exclusive product, allowing each design to be vetted by the registration process and defended if breached. 

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