Arko is proud to embody a harmonious blend of environmental consciousness and community engagement. Our products are thoughtfully designed in our West Footscray studio and meticulously crafted by local tradespeople, all within a 60km radius of our Melbourne headquarters, bolstering our local economy and significantly curtailing the ecological footprint attributed to transportation of goods.

Central to our ethos is the utilisation of locally sourced materials, expertly fabricated by skilled tradespeople within our community. This dual commitment not only champions the talents of local tradespeople but also fosters a more sustainable production process, as we consciously choose resources with minimal travel distance. Furthermore, our products are forged from recyclable steel, an embodiment of our commitment to the environment’s well-being. This choice not only ensures durability and elegance but also underscores our dedication to a circular economy where responsible material choices pave the way for a greener future.