Shadowline Planter

Our new Shadowline collection of planters are designed for indoor environments spanning corporate, hospitality and breakout spaces.

 Made of high grade aluminium and resting on concealed casters for ease of movement, each Shadowline planter houses between one and four 300mm sealed flower buckets, suspended in a fixed mulch plate for ease of plant installation and maintenance.

 Shadowline is a highly contemporary collection that draws beauty from the interplay of positive and negative space, resulting in a highly minimalist style suited to modern interiors.

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Size & Colour
Various Texture Brilliance
L450 x H450 Texture Brilliance
L450 x H450 Texture White
L1200 x H450 Texture Brilliance
L1200 x H450 Texture White
L450 x H1200 Texture Brilliance
L450 x H1200 Texture White
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Title :Shadowline Planter
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